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Top Digital B2B Marketing Tips

Too busy right now to read in-depth marketing strategies?  Use these Top Tips as a 5-minute checklist to help guide your online marketing. The tips are made in collaboration with the Danish search marketing agency Obsidian Digital. If you want to know more about digital B2B marketing, check out their page here. Use Affiliate Marketing […]

Case Study


Case study, Nofred A B2B sales solution that gives a comprehensive overview and transparency Brand: Nofred is a interior brand that makes quality furniture and interior for children’s rooms Challenge: A slow and non-transparent system. Solution: A platform that gives an overview over orders and transparency for customers. Why Traede: Traede makes the order process easy and fast. Result: An optimized […]

Case Study

Mai Copenhagen

Case Study, Mai Copenhagen An eCommerce system that optimize sales processes Brand: Mai Copenhagen is a danish brand that sells jewelry, watches and accessories for men and women. Challenge: When retailers ordered products, it was a slow proces with long e-mail correspondences and that often involved sending lot’s of excel sheets. Solution: An eCommerce system that simplified […]

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Best Reasons to CRM – What’s your favourite tool?

In almost every market, the competition is highly demanding. This is why having a good relationship to customers is so important. If you do not take good care of your customers, the chances are that they will take their business elsewhere.


Sales Management & CRM in Traede

When managing any kind of business; startup, small, medium or big in any industry it is crucial that all aspects of sales mangement run smoothly and are well monitored. Why not automate every step from sales to invoicing and do great sales management?


Presenting Traede Academy

As you can read in the blog post about the founders of Traede it all started just over one-and-a-half year ago. As the story of many startups go we were ready to launch our product “next monday” – for the past 6 months… Now we have been going for a few months and sales are […]


Inventory Management in Traede

In the context of the ‘Traede on Product Management’ blogpost it seems relevant to let inventory management be an issue as well. Product management and inventory management are two connected and equally important issues to a business. Every product represents a value whether it is money, sentimental or personal value.


Get a grip on Product Management

Whether you manage products by using Excel, post-its or expensive custom made IT-solutions it can be a difficult and time consuming task when you are taking care of the day to day business as well – especially if you have various and multiple products, collections, customers etc.

Traede updates

Traede – meet the company and the founders

Just over a year ago, the Traede adventure started and like any other startup; the founders had a vision and the spirit to make it happen. The founders, Christopher and Esben, put their minds together to create the best and most innovative B2B sales solution that would change the way business is done today. The result of the vision and countless working hours is Traede.

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B2B blogging – “How-to” guide

A lot of you guys out there probably know that it’s a good idea to create a B2B blog on your corporate site. However even with this knowledge a lot of people are still in doubt on how to manage and go about having such a B2B blog. Hence, below I will try to go over some of the most important matters regarding B2B blogging.