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Virtual Showroom

Virtual showroom is the new digital solution that enables brands to showcase their products and collections with buyers. A seamless and immersive solution designed to empower and support the ongoing buying and selling between brands and buyers.

What you get

  • Lookbook, linesheet and order sheet in one digital solution
  • Easily upload product/collection/buyer information
  • Seamlessly design virtual showrooms for an immersive experience
  • Inspire buyers with video, 360 views, image and packshot, and shop the look
  • Virtual showrooms can be ‘public’ or ‘by invitation only’
  • Enable buyers to make selections, review and merchandise seamlessly
  • Send pre-filled selections for buyers to review and change/accept or simply enable buyers to order quantities online on the spot
  • Book meetings and online video presentations with (Zoom, whereby, Meet, Skype, etc)
  • Export all orders as flat files to your ERP or switch to Traede All-in-One for an even more smooth flow
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Upload product images, basic information, prices and design beautiful customized digital catalogs within minutes.


Public or 'by invitation only? Seamlessly share your digital catalog and inspire buyers with video presentation and taggable images.


Empower buyers to comment styles, book live presentations, make selections and create order proposals digitally.

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