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This month, May 3 2021, we were featured in the international fashion newspaper, Fashion United. We give our insights and predictions for the fashion industry and the ongoing digitalization moving forward. If this sounds interesting to you, please find the full article here.

We have reposted the full article in the below blog post so you can read it as you please here as well.

Brands have been highly affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Physical stores being forced to close, companies closing stores due to declining revenue as well as distribution and production difficulties affecting stock inventory. Furthermore, we have seen a fast digitalization of the entire industry with digital fashion fairs popping up all over the globe, digital fashion shows in exchange of the normal catwalks and the entire ecosystem in need of digital solutions to manage the new reality.

It is no secret that those companies that understand and utilize effective digital solutions will be the winners of the future within their space. Fashion companies are no-longer just a company working with fashion, they also need to have an effective digital backbone to manage all their processes and be able to sell products both B2C and B2B. Think inventory management, purchasing, fulfillment, reporting and business automation.

An Impressive Virtual Showroom Solution

The post-pandemic reality has impacted companies to rewire their operating models to enable further flexibility, faster decision-making and of course an effective digital setup. Traede, a fashion- and lifestyle platform, has tailored their digital products to meet exactly these growing needs for brands all over the world. For showrooms and lookbooks Traede have created a product called Virtual Showroom, which enables companies to showcase products with an easy-to-use and impressive online virtual showroom platform. Critical features such as lookbook, linesheet/ordersheet, image and video bank, product info and taggability are all integrated.   

Best In Class Digital B2B Wholesale Webshop

A company selling their products B2C and delivering a nice digital experience should also be able to deliver a nice digital experience to their B2B webshop customers. We all know it. You are looking for the top selling newest products or stacking up on your existing stock inventory. It is either calling sales agents, filling out horrible excel spreadsheets or visiting confusing and very oldschool online ordering platforms. Traede has changed all this by creating an easy-to-get started as well as intuitive and fully customizable B2B webshop. This way companies are now able to deliver a seamless and smooth experience when going into the B2B wholesale universe. 

With Traede you can now give your agents and sales reps strong digital sales tools and never miss an up-sell and new sales opportunities. 

‘…Traede is the fastest order placement system our sales reps have ever used…’

  • Simon Aaby, Han Kjøbenhavn.

All the Tools You Need in One Unified Platform 

If an impressive virtual showroom or an effective B2B webshop is not enough for the digitization of your business then Traede might have the perfect solution for you. Let us introduce the All-in-One solution – delivering all the tools you’ll ever need in one unified platform. Be able to manage your virtual showrooms, your B2B webshop as well as your entire backbone consisting of areas such as sales management with both B2C, B2B and EDI orders in one place. Manage your purchasing and production on real-time data instead of gut feeling. If getting full insight into what product and where it is in, what has been sold and to whom and hence what needs to be purchased sounds too good to be true, then think again. With Traede All-In-One Inventory Management has never been easier. The platform utilizes real-time data so setting up custom-reporting is intuitive and makes you take decisions based on data. Lastly but not least you can optimise your business by integration to other applications such as 3PL, B2C shops, accounting and payment providers, marketplaces and much more.