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We are excited about launching our new virtual showroom product – the best part? It is easy to get started.

We already have clients setting up their virtual showroom product and the feedback is very compelling. “Easy to use, simple, taggable images and still with an aesthetic touch” are some of the words brands use to describe the free virtual showroom product.

Easy to use, easy to get started

Want to get started? Don’t you worry, it is easy to get started with our virtual showroom product. With a few steps you will soon be able to start using this digital lookbook.

What do you need to know? You need to have your import/export sheets with your products ready. You can of course start small with selected items or a specific collection. Next, you need to build your virtual showroom shop. This is easy if you are familiar with a drag-and-drop template website builder. You can customize to a very large extent and get exactly the look and feel you are looking for.

We will soon provide an instructions video so you can view this and follow all the steps.