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Knowing which e-commerce webshops are the most popular can often provide some interesting insights and data. You can often predict trends, identify which shops are having the highest net sales and find inspiration as to what those shops are doing right and what they are not doing right.

Hence, we have gathered a list of the most popular online stores in Denmark based on e-commerce net sales. Data is from 2018 provided by Statista.

We hope that you will find the list of the most popular online stores inspiring and maybe you can find some features that you would like to implement to your own e-commerce shop.

#1 number one on the list:

Number one on the list you’ll find one of the biggest online retailers of gadgets and tech in Denmark called elgiganten. What we like about their e-commerce shop is the ease of use combined with a very graphic interface. This gives them a good possibility of communicating certain messages, news, offers etc. ‘above the fold’.

#2 number two on the list:

Number two on the list you will find the low-cost all-in-one marketplace called Harald Nyborg. They have a large variety of product categories, but they keep an ability to showcase what is trending ‘above the fold’. You can quickly get lost in all the categories, so an effective segmentation is key when dealing with larger shops and many product categories.

#3 number three on the list:

Number three on the list is another all-in-one low-cost marketplace by the name of Bilka. What is impressive about their e-commerce platform is that they combine an overview of both weekly offers, as well as food and non-food.

#4 number four on the list:

Number four on the list is the internationally known clothing gigant Zalando. With their big visual expression of styles, news and trending products Zalando are extremely good at engaging the user. Also the ability to quickly add items to a wishlist you almost get an Instagram kind of vibe browsing around this e-commerce store.

#5 number five on the list:

Number five on the list is one of the biggest ones – Apple. Not much introduction needed. With their classic and neat web design this e-commerce shop is doing what they do best – showcasing their products with ease. What we like the most about this e-commerce webshop is the combination of beautiful graphic design together with the actual prices.

#6 number six on the list: H&

Number six on the list is the Swedish clothing brand H&M. H&M does a lot of good things just like Zalando and Apple. The beautiful design and showing large pictures talks to the user and delivers a lust for exploring more. H&M combine sales, interior, kids, clothing and magazine in an intuitive and easy to use e-commerce store.

#7 number seven on the list:

Number seven on the list is the big e-commerce store with spareparts for cars, bikes, boats, scooters and much more. They have a database of license plates attached to their product stock so when you type in your license plate number for your car products for your specific car model will apply – that is very smart.

#8 number eight on the list:

Number 8 on the list is where their ability to combine fashion and beauty is part of their big success. Also, their ability to keep low costs due to economy of scale and their size are doing a lot of things the right way.

#9 number nine on the list:

Number 9 on the list is electronics e-commerce store They have an ability to focus on what is trending and this is part of their success. E.g. they focus a lot on gaming as this is one of the trending product areas in growth.

#10 number ten on the list:

Number 10 on the list is the e-commerce store called providing users with both electronics and much more with a wide variety of product lines. The ease of use combined with the very large product sortiment and low prices fits good into the online mega trend.

We hope you find inspiration from the above article and can use some of the insight for your e-commerce store.

To read the full article and dive into the numbers, please see the original article and statistics here.