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During the latest fashion week Traede have created a solution that will help the brands during the digital showroom week. Due to Covid-19 lock-down and risk associated with the pandemic, Traede, have been working on digital solutions to help the industry and brands.

Our solution Virtual Showrooms are built together with brands to the brands. The solutions make digital buying, digital lookbooks and presentations more easy and beautiful. This process is highly needed during a digital fashion week and Traede have teamed up with the two leading Danish organizations CIFF and Revolver.

The result and the now well-executed digital fashion week is a great success based on revenue generated through virtual showrooms and based on the very impressive digital lookbooks and virtual experiences that have been created by the many brands using the Traede software. IF you want to explore what and how our virtual showrooms work please visit our website here.

We were interviewed in the leading Danish Fashion Magazine, Fashion Forum, to provide our data insights on how the digital fashion week actually performed. You can find the entire article here (Article in Danish).