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Why you need a sales app for wholesale


There’s a sales app for everything. Thanks to Traede, that includes your B2B eCommerce platform. Here are the best reasons for implementing an iPad app into your wholesale processes.

Picture yourself at a trade show. Armed with a laptop, your new online B2B eCommerce platform and a sense of optimism, you go out to sell your new-ins to every and any retailer. All is well… until it’s not. Right when you’re about to type in that all important order, the wifi gods fail you. You’re forced to write down orders and contact information on scraps of paper, knowing you’ll have to type them in manually later. Sadly, it’s a recurring tale.

That’s exactly where Traede’s iPad app comes in. It puts the best of your digital B2B platform inside a powerful little device. It then becomes ridiculously easy to take orders, show off your products and create new customers — and it’s all possible online and offline. This is the perfect addition for doing business on the go, and it’s an important step in digitising your wholesale processes.

It lets you do more

No matter which way you look at it, an iPad is more versatile than both traditional laptops and big screen smartphones when you’re on the move. Although laptops come with a keyboard, they’re hard to use anywhere but at a table. Inviting your customers to crouch over a laptop screen to view your products can work, but it’s hardly the best experience for them. And whilst big smartphones are great, they simply don’t offer enough screen real estate to effectively show off product textures and details.

When you want to paint a richer picture — like making the customer feel the fabric between their fingertips — that’s when the iPad app comes in handy. Your bright, high definition product shots are easily pinched, moved and manipulated on a touch screen. It really is the best alternative to feeling the products in real life. Painting a picture is key to selling, and the iPad app makes it that little bit easier.

Sales agents get a secret weapon

Another key benefit of the iPad app is its ease of use. As your sales agents criss-cross the country showing off your products, they can get to business straight away, taking orders as they go. Set up takes a few seconds, without the need to teach them how to use a new web platform, or spend time setting up the right permissions or access. App users can get going as quickly as someone buying something from a website.

Even better, the app is built specifically to handle trade shows: as wifi is a scarce resource in the grand show halls, you’re able to take orders and create customers offline. When you get back to the wifi safezone, the app will automatically sync all your orders online. Stock is quickly updated and you can trust that your orders and customers will be kept safely in one place, just like it should be.