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Campaign Spotlight - product catalogues

With Traede’s Campaign tool, you can create good looking product catalogues in less time than it takes to find a designer.

Putting together product catalogues to show off your products is time consuming. You probably hire a designer who’ll spend endless late nights hunched over a trackpad fuelled by nothing but caffeine. Then, after some back and forth tweaking the design, a pdf finally lands on your desk, along with a nice bill. Now the whole world is ready to hear about your upcoming mid-season sale.

Sometimes though, a last-minute flash sale to shift the remainder of your stock, or a new product release means that you need something that looks good, fast. This is where Traede comes in. As a B2B eCommerce platform, all your product images are already stored and appear in your B2B webshop. With the Campaign tool, building nice looking ads, brochures or flyers is as easy as using a trackpad; you just need to spend a few minutes dragging and dropping your product images, and creating titles and content blocks as you see fit.

Here’s a couple of ways the Campaign tool can help you out.

React Quickly to Trends

Being fast moving is key. Especially in a business that’s as moving as fast as fashion. Trends tend to change, sometimes by the day, and if you’re not the one creating them, chances are you’re following. But dropping capsule collections and one-off pieces to meet these trends is no good if nobody hears about them.

With the Traede Campaign tool, you can react instantly and create good looking product catalogues in less time than it takes to meet, greet and brief a graphic designer. That way if you add a new product to your line, change pricing elements or make another last minute change, you won’t need to completely redesign your catalogue – you can just edit the one you’ve made in a few clicks.

Work Better With Your Designer

The Traede Campaign tool can’t do all the things a graphic designer armed with Photoshop and inDesign can do. And that’s okay. The point is, that you can get a long way yourself without spending too much time or money. The Campaign tool is perfect when you don’t have a designer to hand, or when you don’t have the resources to hire one.

If you have a designer, you can also create product catalogues in Traede yourself, and hand it over to them to improve. It’ll cut down the time it takes for them to create it, and avoid miscommunications.

Easily Distribute Your catalogues

The next step is sharing it with the world. You can save your product catalogue in your File Vault when you’re done creating it. Every customer you’ve invited to shop in your B2B webshop will have access to it. Also, any changes you make are instantly updated everywhere – no need to fire up the presses again.