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A B2B webshop is the easiest, fastest and most modern way to do wholesale. If that doesn’t sound intriguing enough, here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about B2B webshops.

The features of online shopping are coming to B2B

Online shopping is great: it’s fast, simple, and you can do it anywhere at any time. B2B webshops brings the same features you already enjoy when selling to consumers, but are designed specifically for large, business-to-business sales. It’s quickly becoming the established way to do wholesale. 

You might be thinking “well, why can’t I just build a regular webshop and do my wholesale from there?” and the answer is, you can. But the true benefit of B2B webshops lie in the way in which they’re optimised for selling to businesses. It brings features like product line sheets, one click invoicing and matrix ordering, which make bulk buying for businesses much easier. For example, the ability to quickly order a product in bulk in four different sizes and three different colors, keep track of invoices and see products in line sheets is not a given with your average B2C webshop.

Furthermore, creating wholesale orders without a B2B webshop can be a hassle. Using a combination of phone, email and spreadsheets means that many things have to click into place before you and your customers can complete an order – assuming there are no typos or miscommunication in the process. Luckily, there’s a better way – B2B webshops. By starting and ending your wholesale order process within one single, online system, you avoid the challenges mentioned above. Customers can browse your collections easily and place orders anytime, anywhere – without you having to write anything down. Invoices are automatically created and are synced seamlessly with your accounting software.

With a B2B webshop, you can easily scale

It’s also easier to scale your business with B2B webshops. Setting up shop in a new market in a few clicks and you can specify currencies available by market. If you want, you can also price items differently in each market individually. Launching abroad with a new retailer becomes as easy as sending them an invite to your B2B webshop. You’ll never have to worry about losing a sale because you took too long to reply to an email received in the middle of the night – your customers abroad can happily shop comfortably.

Moreover, B2B webshops simplify your processes. You no longer need to chase down SKU numbers when a customer wants to order something. The customer picks products, and the webshop does the rest – it creates an order, invoice and synchronises it to your ERP system. This means fewer people need to be involved in the day to day tasks required to process orders, and fewer mistakes are made. You can spend that time on your relationships with customers and your products. If you want to read about B2B ecommerce platforms you can find our blog post here.

Get the reports you need

How’s the webshop doing? You’ll usually need to crunch some numbers to find out. With a good B2B webshop, you won’t. Whether you want a quick performance snapshot via a real-time dashboard, or in depth analysis via custom reports, your webshop has all the data you need.