Visma e-conomic

Do you need to have a better overview of your business’ finances? Do you want to keep it separate from your Traede webshop? Or do you have an external accountant who is already used to using E-conomic? Traede’s partnership with E-conomic makes all of the above possible, you can simply connect your Traede webshop to your E-conomic account and manage your accounting easily from a single platform.


  • Simple to install and use – just request access from Traede
  • Send orders or invoices to your e-conomic account
  • Synchronize products and customers from Traede to e-conomic
  • Real-time synchronization of inventory from e-conomic to Traede

About e-conomic:

E-conomic was founded back in 2001 by accountant Jacob Wandt. He had a dream about creating the superb accounting system for making the collaboration between the accountant and the client much easier. Jacob Wandt created a team of enthusiasts, which all had a mission of creating an accounting solution, which was both flexible, secure and of course easy to use! Today, e-conomic is the market leading cloud-based accounting system in Denmark and their customer list is currently way over 130.000 Danish clients.


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