New B2B platform doubles month-on-month sales – without extra personnel

STOFF Nagel have set out to pay ode to the iconic and timeless design of Hans Nagel
and Werner Stoff’s original candle holder. A modular piece first created in the 60’s that
have not just become a beloved interior design piece but an indispensable collectible.


Prior to using Traede, STOFF Nagel had a go at hosting their B2B webshop on their own
homepage. However, they were dreaming of something a bit more flexible. A dedicated
platform in a state of constant process and transformation, where features were added
and improved continuously. Additionally, they were spending a significant amount of time
on manually registering orders in peak periods, e.g. during fashion fairs and at Christmas.


Besides having had a direct effect on the number of working hours, Traede has solved
STOFF Nagel’s issue of differentiating prices from one market to another with ease. All
new customers place orders through the Traede platform, which has proven to be a huge
help to STOFF Nagel – and they have heard of no issues with customers that can’t figure
out how to place orders.

“Our aim with Traede is to keep up our great sales growth without having to increase administration costs in our order processing”

Bine, Partner STOFF Nagel


By using Traede, STOFF Nagel approximately saves the working hours of a part-time
employee during peak seasons whilst having decreased the margin of error when typing in
orders as manual processing has been greatly limited through digitalization. In addition,
Traede has enabled them to handle close to a doubling in sales every month without a
need for a strengthened sales support.

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