Han Kjøbenhavn

A simple, effective and reliable wholesale setup for an international brand

Han Kjøbenhavn was founded in May 2008 and is built upon the fundamentals of Danish design: Made to be used, simplicity and innovation.


Han Kjøbenhavn contacted Traede because they needed a simple, effective, reliable and international order management system for their wholesale sales division.


The primary focus for Han Kjøbenhavn was to get a solution that would make their sales organization more efficient. To achieve that they needed a wholesale ecommerce solution that would help them optimize their internal business processes and provide them with better data quality in their day-to-day work.

“Traede is the fastest order placement system our sales reps have ever used. We use less time on placing orders, and more on building strong relations.”

Simon Aaby, Sales Director of Han Kjøbenhavn

Why Traede?

Traede scored high on simplicity and ease of use, and it was very important for Han Kjøbenhavn that they got a plug-and-play solution that would get them up and running in no time. Traede enables Han Kjøbenhavn to run their international sales activities and manage customers and agents all around the world. To ensure that both technical and business needs was fulfilled a stack of custom integrations to Han Kjøbenhavn’s other business systems was created by Traede.


With Traede integrated to accounting, finance, warehouse and shipping Han Kjøbenhavn got a seamlessly integrated solution where everything is synchronized in real-time. Less time is being used on placing orders in the day-to-day work of sales reps, which gives them more time to build and sustain strong relationships with customers around the world.

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