Sales optimization platform was the booster needed for a growing start-up

Forét is a Copenhagen-based fashion brand who set out to inspire people to slow down, go offline,
and explore nature. They make high-quality, sustainable clothing in a sweet mix between urban
outdoor and sophisticated streetwear with a product mix ranging from inner to outer, from top to toe
– most of which are produced in organic cotton.


As Forét, from the get-go, started focusing on B2B wholesale, Traede presented itself as an
obvious solution to obtain a more professional and clearer, digital overview easing processes to
replace the formerly effectuated manual work approach.


Forét quickly learned about the many benefits of Traede. Through everyday use to handling of
everything from product management to overview of pre- and re-orders, Traede makes a
difference for Forét as well as their treasured customers. Forét’s access to an easy overview of
current stock and collections is of high importance. Integrations helps easing processes, and
there’s only a few clicks from order placement to shipping.

“Traede is an indispensable platform that makes it so much easier to run and grow our business.”

Jesper Finderup – Forét

Why Traede?

Possibilities for integrations, the communication with the Traede team, and the user-friendly
platform have all been outstanding. Whenever Forét has stumbled upon challenges, the support
team at Traede have always been looking for possible solutions through the platform – whether
that being in its current or a future state.


Forét has gone from 10 to 100+ retailers in two years in the market. In this process, Forét believes
that Traede has taken them to the next level as a professional business. There are upsides almost
across the board with opportunities ranging from Forét’s agents showing off collections at fashion
fares, over report generation to supplier order prepping. Overall, Traede saves Forét a ton of
resources which has made it possible for them as a start-up with tight budgets to run a healthy
business with just a small team of employees.

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