A B2B sales platform that makes it possible for the brand to focus on the important things – the children!

Wauw Capow is a playful, creative children’s fashion brand of high quality where kids are allowed to be kids! The main part of the revenue is tied up in international sales.


Wauw Capow were looking for a system to optimize the process of order handling and to minimize the number of errors due to manual processes. Besides this they also wanted to make it transparent for customers to see new collections and products.


Wauw Capow needed a system that could handle the reorder process more easily and could ease the manual aspect of the order handling processes.

Why Traede?

The choice fell on Traede as it was an economically sound decision for a smaller company plus Traede made a selling point that they were flexible and would fix issues once they arise – which they have done.

The Result

Wauw Capow has gone from a manual, email heavy solution and have moved to a more intuitive and easy online solution. The reorder process has become less time consuming and the customers now have a visual and easily accessible overview of stock. Traede have freed up a lot of time and human resources for other tasks in everyday business.


“Traede are there for us with a listening ear and a helping hand when we need it! Choosing Traede have made internal processes more fluent and have freed up ressources.“
Lea Toft Holm, Wauw Capow


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