With a B2B sales platform TIF TIFFY has saved a noticeable amount of money

TIF TIFFY is a fashion brand focusing on accessories and knit wear for fashionable women aged 35-65. They are a company with CSR ingrained in their DNA focusing on Danish design and quality with 90% of production inside the EU.


At TIF TIFFY a B2B system was a must in order to run their B2B wholesale. With Traede they could offer their retailers great service through 24/7 sales, follow-up on order through processing, and access to packshots. Furthermore, margin of errors when agents are placing orders would go down, and resources would be freed in multiple areas.


With no former B2B sales platform Traede has made a huge difference for TIF TIFFY. As abrand’s sales is key, and Traede’s features helps TIF TIFFY with this in many ways – however, the user-friendliness through a simple and intuitive design is what they see at thecore of the product. This design bridges a gap with agents and retailers that don’t all feel comfortable with digital solutions, and moreover, this also allows for a functioning cooperation even if language barriers are apparent.

The Result

Since teaming up with Traede, TIF TIFFY has had a year-on-year rise in retailers who place orders themselves, which decreases hours spend on orders. Furthermore, Traede has made it possible to enter new markets with no prior knowledge or local agents, whilst maintaining a sense of proximity with the retailer. From an internal perspective, the Reports module provide TIF TIFFY with valuable data, knowledge, and insights to control their sales, and the integration to their ERP system makes for a smoother ride.


“Traede has been very important to us! Order handling have become much faster, and we’re capable of servicing our customers 24/7/365. Basically, Traede have heightened the quality of our service level on multiple parameters, whilst freeing up resources.”
Simon Frandsen, Ownerr of TIF TIFFY


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