LinusPro Nutrition

Putting in orders is now super easy and fast

LinusPro Nutrition is a Danish nutrition company delivering high-quality nutrition, supplements and beverages. They have been doing this since 2014 and still going strong.


LinusPro spent a lot of time on order handling and invoicing. They needed a tool that would allow their salesmen as well as customers to place orders in a quick and simple way. At the same time it was important to cut to the bone and cut back on the manual work in relation to order management.


A single platform that could simplify their former manual processes.

The Result

LinusPro got more time to solve the important tasks in their business. Time that used to be used on processes that had yet to be optimized.

LinusPro Nutrition

“aTRede have solved an incredible amount of our challenges. Putting in orders is easy and fast, our customers have the opportunity to place orders online and our accounting have become less time consuming”
Anders Bøtcher Damgaard, LinusPro


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