Larry vs. Harry

Traede made us able to increase the amount sold per order

Larry vs Harry only make quality kit. So if it’s got “Larry vs Harry” on it you know it’s built to last. It’s a scientific fact that after the next apocalypse all that’ll be left will be cockroaches, Lemmy and Bullitt bikes.


Increased sales and a wider dealer network resulted in too much time being spent on communicating orders via mail and telephone, and it was becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of things.


A simple, easy to set-up B2B platform, which was easy to use for both Larry vs Harry and their customers.

The Result

Larry vs Harry are very satisfied with the collaboration with Traede. It has resulted in greater order quantities and volume of orders, as well as a more streamlined approach in their day-to-day operations of their business.

Larry vs. Harry

“With Traede we have managed to increase the amount sold per order,
while at the same time streamlining our processes.”

Jim Slade, Larry vs. Harry


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