A solution that gives control over the B2B sales processes and full integration between B2B sales system and ERP

KunstIndustrien is a small family operated wholesale company that has existed for more than 20 years. The signature product is their truly handmade wax altar candles, which have been produced for more than 50 years by people related to the company


KunstIndustrien was initially looking to upgrade their existing accounting program C5 to a newer user-friendlier system, such as E-conomic. Traede’s partner eKontoret was already helping with the transition when the need for an efficient business-to-business selling platform became more apparent.

“After transitioning to E-conomic we realized our previous B2B platform had to be modified and as we were not happy with it anyway, we decided to take a step forward into upgrading our solution”, explains Carsten Røjgaard, Owner & Director of KunstIndustrien. “In order to be more efficient and make it easier for our customers and agents to purchase our products —with all the detailed information they require, we recognized the need to digitize our entire selling process”.


Digitizing the business was one of KunstIndustrien’s priorities and this could only be achieved with a B2B selling solution capable of integrating easily into the new accounting system they were deploying. More importantly, this new platform needed to provide easy access to high resolution product images, descriptions, prices and other important information that would improve their user-experience.

The Result

KunstIndustrien has moved from managing orders semi-manually to successfully digitizing their whole B2B selling platform with the ability to keep track of their orders in a single place.


“Traede has been very effective for KunstIndustrien as it integrates smoothly with our new accounting and ERP system. In particular, we really like to be able to have more organization and control over our sales using a single platform that can also support the many product variants that we have”
Carsten Røjgaard, Owner & Director of KunstIndustrien


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