Jascha Stockholm

An effective digital platform was the first choice for an established Swedish brand in growth

Jascha Stockholm is a Swedish brand established in 2001 by Creative Director Jascha Trygg with the idea of a minimalistic influenced and iconic melton wool coat. The jacket became an instant success and Jascha’s two younger brothers joined the company in 2009 to further grow the contemporary fashion brand.


As Jascha Stockholm was founded in the early 00’s the company was not digital native per se, and had to adapt into this space later on. As the company continued to grow they realized that they needed a digital platform to support their business and have an ability to support their growing demand and scalability.


After a few months Jascha learned the many benefits of working with Traede. It could support their business in a way not tought possible and with an ease of use that fitted the team and company perfectly. The platform delivers ease of use and an ability to support the growth of the entire company in a very effective way.

Why Traede?

The ease of use, the flexibility and possibility to support our growth journey was key. The Traede team has also been very helpful with onboarding and ongoing support was been both helpful and joyful all the way.

The Result

Jascha Stockholm has grown from a small brand when founded back in 2001 and has grown into a brand positioned for international growth in 2020. There is no doubt that the digital platform and solution from Traede has been a big part in supporting this growth journey from many aspects of the business.

Jascha Stockholm

“Traede is the backbone of our digital setup and with the ease of use it supports our growth.”
Jascha Trygg, Founder of Jascha Stockholm


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