ArtFusion Copenhagen

A smoother road to success due to outstanding customer care

ArtFusion is a Copenhagen-based contemporary women’s fashion brand. However, working within an aesthetic universe, with all original artworks and prints in every collection, does not lessen the need for an intuitive and easy-to-use sales optimization platform to handle everyday business.


ArtFusion’s previous B2B sales platform did not live up to the expectations. Without going into specifics, they knew they had to change things up to be more efficient, accurate and user-friendly.


ArtFusion saw themselves scouting for the best solution to fit their needs in terms of especially user experience, service need and data management. They came to realize that they would be better off trying out something else – and this something else was Traede.

The Result

At Traede the Customer Success team, spear-headed by the ever-happy Rasmus Justesen, do their best to be available and accommodating – ready to provide the help needed or engage in dialogue about future ideas and improvement potential of the platform. As such, ArtFusion can focus on creating value for their customers with their responsible and conscious approach to slow fashion. In addition, Traede also provided an extremely user-friendly platform with great integration potential.

ArtFusion Copenhagen

“ became clear that one thing in particular would make the difference: Traede’s approach to servicing their customers...”

Tina, ArtFusion Copenhagen


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