A. Kjærbede

Danish sunglass brand in growth looking for an effective and scalable backend partner

A. Kjaerbede is a Danish sunglass brand who strives to deliver great design to an affordable price. The brand and style has a background from the Nordic hemisphere and the little Danish island called Bornholm.

Quality and design walks hand in hand and material used are always an important factors for CEO and founder, Adam Geertsen. The design is generally speaking timeless and with a classy expression while details tapping in to the current trends.


A. Kjaerbede needed a platform that could make an easy fit and help scale their brand across different markets. With few hands available and without strong tech-savvy skills as other abilities were much more important, the platform should be easy-to-get-started, easy-to-use and easy-to-scale. Also, with a one-man-army for a long period the platform should be able to deliver a strong backbone of the company and be able to integrate with various other system minimizing time spent on administration and optimizing effectiveness and value creation of the company.


After a thorough analysis, presentation and demonstration of the Traede platform. A. Kjaerbede decided to go with Traede. Product information upload was quickly initiated and after setting up the B2B shop for international growth the brand was now set to scale. Integrations to their billing platform and shipping partners were also quickly set up and now A. Kjaerbede was up and running.

Why Traede?

The ease of use and integrations to the existing partners such as billing and shipping systems were a strong differentiating factor for other platforms. The two-way communication between A. Kjaerbede and Traede was also a strong plus. The possibility to come with request in terms of new product updates and new features to Traede based on A. Kjaerbede’s own needs was very important and turned out to be a strong benefit. 

The Result

A. Kjaerbede was quickly able to get their needs fulfilled with a strong core back-end made for global scale of a successful Danish sunglass brand. The brand positioning and revenue were both getting stronger and as distributors and sales across Europe started growing A. Kjaerbede could now feel the benefits of how a strong brand and an effective all-in-one platform could make a difference.


A. Kjærbede

“Traede has been great at adapting to our needs with new products and new features for our needs.”
Adam Geertsen, CEO and Founder of A. Kjærbede


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