Inventory management

Create a complete overview of all SKU’s and manage your inventory with ease.

Inventory management

The inventory list in Traede automatically adjusts when an order is placed and will therefore always be up to date. This creates trustworthy sales communication to your retailers when they purchase products and check inventory in your B2B webshop.

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Create transparency

Save time and working hours for both your own company and your retailers by having an online inventory list through the B2B webshop where retailers can check inventory and order online at any given time of the day.

Automatic inventory update

In Traede, you select when the inventory lists adjust whether it should be when retailers basket an item, by a time limit or when an invoice is made. Additionally, you decide if retailers should have unlimited access to purchase or not.

Stock types

In the inventory settings, you can categorize inventory lists by 4 different availabilities of your choosing by colour and/or quantity. Fx ‘green, in stock’, ‘blue, remotely in stock’, ‘orange, on the way’ and ‘red, discontinued’.

Manage your inventory with ease

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