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Traede is a B2B sales system enabling brands, distributors and agents to connect and sell directly to their retailers through a simple order management system and a B2B webshop while keeping track of products, customers, orders and invoices.

B2B Sales System

Assemble all B2B sales activities online in one place with Traede's innovative features

  • Customizable B2B webshop
  • Order management
  • Agent module
  • Simple CRM
  • Multiple collections
  • Create products with variants
  • Inventory
  • Invoicing
  • Reporting and statistics
  • Campaigns

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Automate your sales process

Let your retailers buy products 24/7 through a B2B webshop.

Upload your products to Traede and control all visibility of products and collections while selling directly through your customizable B2B webshop and online showroom.

Create your B2B webshop

Invite agents and retailers to purchase directly from your B2B webshop all hours of the day while controlling currencies, inventory visibility and agent attributes.

Invite retailers

Allow your retailers to shop in your webshop any time of the day. Always have the correct overview of orders and send out order confirmations and invoices by a few clicks.

Sell products 24/7

Get the online overview of sales based on revenue over time and revenue by collection, brand or product. Also download total sales reports for production, inventory and sales numbers.

Save time & resources

eCommerce experience for B2B market

Traede allows you to put your business online and easily create B2B webshop for your customers. No more time-wasting emails, calls, sending pdf catalogues. With Traede your retailers can make orders like in any B2C webshop and you can manage your brand from dashboard with instant statistics, inventory management tools and more.

Increase your sales with Traede

For Brands

Keep track of sales made by retailers, agents, sales rep. and sales made through your customizable B2B webshop by using the comprehensive overview of orders, statistics and reports.

For Retailers

Connect to your brands and shop directly through their B2B webshop when it suits your business hours and always have an online overview of all orders and changes to orders ever made.

For Agents

Let your agents make direct and strategic sales to retailers based on inventory numbers by providing them with instant overview of: inventory, their retailers and sales - while maintaining control.

For Distributors

Assemble all your brands in Traede and get an overview of all products based on brands, customers and orders while selling directly to retailers and agents through your customized B2B webshop.

Save time & resources with Traede

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Traede makes B2B sales easy in your industry

If you produce and sell B2B and need a system to optimize your order and sales – no matter the industry, Traede is the solution. Our current customers are brands within fashion, furniture, interiors and food, and we will make a solution that matches your needs.

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