The future of Business Enablement for Fashion and lifestyle brands

Grow effortlessly as you simplify processes, reduce errors and cut down admin tasks – for yourself and customers. Traede is an intuitive ‘all-in-one’ business management solution, designed to empower you.


Already trusted by more than 40.000 brands, agencies and retailers, including:

  • B2B Webshop

    Take orders automatically, 24/7

    Give your customers access to your B2B webshop

    With a personalized B2B webshop created by Traede your customers will be able to find, select and order all your products online.

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  • iPad app

    Hassle-free sales on-the-go

    Take your sales mobile with Traede’s iPad app

    Get the best tool for selling on-the-go, free up ressources and focus your attention on your customers instead of a piece of paper.

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  • File Bank

    Keep track of sales material

    Upload images and documents to Traede

    Give customers access to find and download product images, lookbooks and product information and save time and ressources.

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 Raise brand awareness easily

Reach out to customers with custom generated line-sheets
and campaigns and increase brand awareness

Traede is B2B sales made easy for brands and retailers across the world