Krutter // Knast by Krutter

One woman, two brands, and a greatly reduced risk of mistakes

Birgitta Sonn is the power woman behind the two brands Krutter and Knast by Krutter.
Both brands sell baby and kids clothing: One brand with a nostalgic, vintage focus and a
Scandinavian, farm-side feel, the other grounded in new Nordic design traditions with a
stylish, imaginative universe.


Being the CEO and designer of not just one but two different brands, Birgitta worked more
than full time to live out her passion. However, a lot of time was taken up by punching in
orders, changing these orders, converting them into invoices, creating new products, etc.


She needed a way to reduce the amount of manual work in the day-to-day business
processes, and ultimately a way to reduce the risk of human error. In short, Krutter and
Knast by Krutter needed a B2B sales platform solution.

Why Traede?

Traede not only reduced the hours spent on manual work; it also provided retailers with
easy-to-understand order confirmations including pack shots and matrix view, increased
the amount of reorders, and made it possible for customers to see stock count, all while
reducing the risk of human error.


Traede’s team has been directing the project and consistently helpful through the entire
process, from onboarding to daily operations, and has assured that Birgitta and her team
can go by their days with ease and comfort in mind. Assured that they will be provided with
the customer service they need, when they need it.

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