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With Traede, you get the complete overview of your B2B sales and customers. Get an easy digital solution to customize your B2B webshop.

Customer relationship management

Traede creates a complete overview of all the retailers to whom you distribute products and generates the opportunity to add your agents and distributors to the system so they can put in orders as well. When you give retailers the opportunity to purchase directly from the B2B webshop, they create a contact person with all relevant contact information and you can set credit boundaries, payment conditions and discounts customized to each company.

An easy invoicing system

Traede provides a straightforward invoicing system that integrates directly to e-conomic. Furthermore, you can adjust or add a discount to any invoice, split orders into multiple invoices and keep track of payments in Traede. Preset currencies based on retailers and it will automatically adjust to the invoices as well. In every currency, brands have the opportunity to set changeable exchange rates or have fixed prices.

Your B2B webshop

Create a personalized webshop with logo, layout and pictures of your choosing for distributing your products. All you have to do is to set up the products in the Traede system with price, image and other product specifications. The B2B webshop gives your retailers a great flexibility to purchase your products at any given time or day when it suits their business hours. Additionally, they have the opportunity to put in pre-orders on products not currently available.


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