Product management

Manage all your products and categorize them into style, colour, sizes, material, SKU, EAN, price and more.

Create products

It is easy to create and import products to Traede. We have created a simple and intuitive way for you to create an overview of all your products and different SKU’s. With Traede your stock level is always up to date in all of your sales channels and the office backend dashboard. Control SKU’s, variants, pricing ect.

Create variants

Traede’s design is flexible and you can easily create different variants and attributes to all types of products. This makes it possible for you to create different colours, sizes and material that match your product needs.

Customize your catalogues and collections

Create catalogues and different collections to receive pre-orders based on different seasons. It is easy and flexible towards your specific needs. As an agent or distributor to several brands you can manage all your brand’s products to all your clients in the Traede system.

Choose your variants

Traede provides you with the possibility to have numerous variants on the same product for example size, colour, material etc. This function allows you to differentiate or categorize products of your own choosing.

Your integrations

Integrations make it possible to keep track of your products between your B2C and B2B platform and for example have collections available in one or both webshops.

Set the price

You can create specific prices on every SKU or on overall products. Furthermore, it is possible to create discounts, time limited discounts and special offers for all or specific customers. It is all up to you how to set the price!


Make sure that every product is isolated by creating SKU’s and EAN numbers. This can be done both automatically and manually.

Inventory overview

You and your retailers will always have a complete overview of all variants and stock holdings by looking at the 4 stock availabilities: in stock, remotely in stock, on the way in, left.

Create visualisation

Show it, don’t tell it. Upload pictures of your product styles and variants.

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