Our Team

Christopher Heilmann

Founder & CEO

Christopher is the man behind Traede. He has his fingers in everything from sales and networking to the look and functions of the final product. He has many years of entrepreneurial background and experience in the software industry and selling ERP & CRM systems.

Esben Petersen


Esben is the technical brain behind Traede and the main architect of all programming, UX and UI design. He has more than 10 years experience in software development. When not working, Esben studies International Business at Copenhagen Business School.

Christian Hojfeldt

Business developer

Christian is the head of business development at Traede and is the CEO at Copenhagen Software. He has many years of experience when it comes to startups. Among other things he founded AlphaPeople in 2005, which became the fastest growing Microsoft Dynamics partner in the Nordics.

Rune Ibsen

Cloud Architect

Rune is an entrepreneur, IT-consultant and speaker. He has been building web based enterprise software for more than 10 years and specializes in cloud computing and scalable Internet architectures.

Stig Irming-Pedersen

Senior Developer

Stig develops web- and cloudbased business solutions at Traede and is a partner at Copenhagen Software. He is a great advisor for Traede in both in .NET technology, business and computer science.

Emil Svetoslavov Torofiev


Emil is on board to develop and test new features for the entire Traede system and at the same time he develops integrations with other systems like E-conomic and Shopify currently.

Jagoda PrzybyƂa

Graphic Designer & Frontend Developer

Jagoda has a sharp eye for detail and is responsible for entire graphic universe of Traede. Passionate about UI/UX design she helps to develop new features and make them look good. When she is not at the office she studies Web Development at KEA.

Katrine Obling Elbek

Customer Relations & Business Development

Katrine is our design manager who enjoy wearing many different hats and therefore work with marketing, communication and business development - but still have one specific responsibility to overrule them all: helping our customers to become successful Traede users!

Oleksii Kulikov


Oleksii develops new features and improves current Traede functionality to make sure every client is happy.