Traede for brands

Keep track of sales made by retailers, agents, sales reps and your B2B webshop by using the comprehensive overview of orders, customers and statistics.

B2B Sales System

The only sales system you will ever need, developed for small and medium sized brands.

  • B2B webshop
  • Agent module
  • Sales tool
  • Inventory overview
  • Order management
  • Invoicing
  • Statistics
  • Reporting
  • Online showroom

Create and customize your B2B webshop

Upload all products to Traede and automatically create a B2B webshop that is entirely customizable to your graphic identity. Invite your retailers to purchase directly - based on your sales restrictions.

Increase sales with agent solution

Provide agents with access to constantly updated product lists and inventory numbers and let them make direct and inventory based sales to their retailers. When an order is made you get an instant notification.

Get complete overview of your sales

Get the complete overview of your business by knowing revenue by product, collection, time and currency while getting total reports on sales and for production to optimize part of your value chain.

Increase your sales with Traede

Multiple Sales Options

Connect your agents, sales reps and retailers and have the complete overview of orders, sales and numbers in one place.

Customizable B2B webshop

Create all products in Traede and automatically get a B2B webshop that is totally customizable to your graphic identity.

Product Management

Control product visibility by each product or entire collections at once and create all your brands in one Traede profile.

Customer Information

Have all relevant information on each customer in one place - a simple CRM system for an important overview.

Inventory & Invoicing

Inventory is automatically updated when an order is made. Invoice in Traede by a few click or connect to e-conomic.

Statistics and reports

Log in to Traede and immediately see your revenue statistics. See Reports for more comprehensive insights.

Automate your sales process

Let your retailers buy products 24/7 in your own B2B webshop

Upload your products to Traede and control all visibility of products and collections while selling directly through your customizable B2B webshop and online showroom.

Create your B2B webshop

Invite agents and retailers to purchase directly from your B2B webshop all hours of the day while controlling currencies, inventory visibility and agent attributes.

Invite your retailers

Always have the full order overview from retailers, agents and internal sales representatives. Send out Order Confirmations and Invoices with a few clicks.

Sell products 24/7

Get the online overview of sales based on revenue over time and revenue by collection, brand or product. Also download total sales reports for production, inventory and sales numbers.

Save time and resources

Increase your sales with Traede

Save time and allow your retailers to make orders 24/7