Traede for agents

Connect to your brands and make direct and strategic sales to retailers based on inventory numbers by always having updated data and instant overview of: inventory, retailers and orders.

B2B sales system for agents

Automate your workflow by using our innovative B2B sales system.

  • Order directly and through the webshop
  • Connect to all brands in one place
  • Always have updated inventory numbers
  • View all orders in one place
  • Connect all your assigned retailers
  • Discover online showrooms

Connect to your brands and make orders for your customers

Connect to all your brands and have direct access to their B2B webshop and inventory numbers while automatically and instantly notifying them when you have made an order for a customer.

Shop in B2B webshop or make quick manual orders

Choose to make ‘visual’ orders through the B2B webshop when sitting alongside customers to highlight products in multiple colors and variants or choose to make direct quick ‘manual’ orders.

Create database of your customers

Collect all information about your connected retailers in one place and have them fill out all relevant details when signing up for Traede. This way your contact information should always be up to date.

Request access to use Traede

Contact your brand or distributor and request the access to Traede.