A solution that gather sales and provide data for future collections.

Saysky is a Copenhagen based sports brand specialized in running, triathlon and performance sports. Quality is the keyword and the design is Scandinavian, urban and simple. Saysky is not just a brand but a community that gather athletes and represent a lifestyle.


Needed a solution for managing sales to retailers, data on how items perform and a B2B webshop.


A platform that makes B2B sales activities simple and sales data structured.

“With Traede we gather all of our B2B sales in one place and save time that we can spend on creating a stronger cooperation with our retailers.”

Nicklas Fenger, Saysky

Why Traede:

Traede offered a platform that gives a collected overview of products, collections and different retailers, making data structured and transparent.


It is easy to think B2B sales strategically and there is a constant overview of products, collections and sales to retailers. It has resulted in better communication with retailers.

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