Our Company

Our Company

In the early start of 2014, Christopher Heilmann and Esben Petersen put their minds together into one single mission: to create the best and most innovative B2B sales solution, that would change the way business is done today. This determination resulted in Traede.com.

The awareness for this particular problematic area with in B2B trading comes from Christopher’s own experience within the fashion industry where he was frustrated that there wasn’t an easy, online and efficient way for brands to sell and communicate with present and future stores and retailers.

With Christopher’s big visions and hardworking nature he got in contact with the soon to be co-founder of Traede, Esben.

Esben a software development genius and therefore is the technical lead of the company. He quickly saw the potential in the business area and within months he sold his current company to start the fulltime venture with Christopher.



Traede today

At Traede we look out for each other – we are a team, a family! We are all equally dedicated to our shared vision to change the way companies do business with each other. We work day and night to create the best results for our customers which culminate in an incredible coherent and social Traede-team where we have fun, talk and eat together both in and out of the office.

For our work culture to be beneficial we value honesty in all aspects of our company both in regards to our business and the Traede-team. With honesty we also take responsibility for each other and consequently – with hard work – accomplish great things.