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We have finally launched the new edition of and are exicted to meet the world which is why I would like to start our adventure by introducing Traede and our founders to you in a proper way.

It’s a startup life

Just over a year ago, the Traede adventure started and like any other startup; the founders had a vision and the spirit to make it happen. The founders, Christopher and Esben, put their minds together to create the best and most innovative B2B sales solution that would change the way business is done today. The result of the vision and countless working hours is Traede.

Early in the adventure, Traede met Copenhagen Software who provided an Angel investment and became a trusted and very much needed advisor as well. With all their experience and knowledge Copenhagen Software is an important part of Traede’s history and today the two companies share an open office space on the top of the Copenhagen European Center tower.


Traede in all its glory

Traede can be explained very simple by the following four steps that all together creates a holistic business tool for manufacturers:


pic1Create your products online

Create your products online by style, color, size etc. and manage all your inventory, current and future collections with an easy click. Allow orders and pre-orders to all your customers or create specific options for different customers.



Create fulfilling CRM

Invite customers to shop in your personalized B2B webshop and have them fill out all relevant contact information of their company and a specific contact person. This will give you an online overview of all customer relations and their transactions – easy for you to find at all times.



pic3Sell products in B2B Webshop

Sell your products in the B2B webshop that automatically updates inventory lists and adjust language and currency to invoices. Also integrate your B2C webshop to and create one holistic inventory list.



pic4Handle order management

Manage your orders easily and get a status overview to see how far along the invoicing process is for each order. Create and adapt invoices to your and your customers’ need and keep track of when payments are received.



Initially we have tried to gather all relevant business tools for both manufacturers and their B2B customers in one online toolbox. You will of course find a much more detailed description on

In time, it is our vision to develop even more tools and keep on meeting the needs of our users which is why we have made it possible for you to give us feedback on our webpage.

Meet the founders, Christopher and Esben

Before they joined forces in the Traede adventure both Christopher and Esben have been in the startup business for several years and in despite of their young age both have great entrepreneurial experience.


Christopher Heilmann, 22, is the CEO of Traede and the man behind the initial idea, which came from his own experience within the fashion industry. He defined the need for an online business tool that would streamline communication and sales from manufacturers to retailers. Since Christopher is a man of action he soon started searching for a co-founder. This turned out to be Esben Petersen, 24.

Esben is a software development genius and therefore is the technical lead, CTO, of the company. His ambitions has no end, which is why he is studying International Business at Copenhagen Business School when he is not at Traede. Esbens ambitions for Traede are likely high why he, Christopher and Traede’s Chairman of the Board, Christian Hojfeldt, are exploring the US in May and studying the future market conditions of Traede.

In the adventure of Traede the sky is the limit and the ambitions are the sun. We hope to conquer the world of SME and help everyone do business in a time-saving and optimized manner.

Thank you for reading along! I hope you now know Traede, our founders and our story a bit better. Please do not hesitate to give us feedback to enhance or recommend it to your friends.

Have a great day out there!

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