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When managing any kind of business; startup, small, medium or big in any industry it is crucial that all aspects of sales mangement run smoothly and are well monitored. Why not automate every step from sales to invoicing and do great sales management? Knowing your customers and collecting their contact information in a well organized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system can also be of great value in streamlining your business – you need to monitor sales activities and customer relations anyway, so why not do it the easy way?
In Traede you can create a complete overview of B2B sales, invoicing and customers usine sales management and the CRM system which I wish to elaborate on in this blog post.

To avoid spending all working hours answering telephone calls, emails and faxes from customers with questions like

  • ‘Can I order this t-shirt in small, medium and large?’
  • ‘How many colors does this shirt come in?’
  • ‘What is the stock on this pair of pants?’

… and so on, use Traede.
We know how much time customer service can consume of a day, so why not make it easy on yourself and avoid a long list of these questions by creating transparency and letting your customers do the information check-up themselves? – Use the B2B webshop and you will get rid of these questions.blog1

Sales management: Customize your B2B webshop

As a manufacturer, you can create a personalized webshop with logo, layout and pictures of your choosing for distributing your products and do sales management your way. All you have to do is set up the products in the Traede system with price, image and other product specifications.

The B2B webshop gives your customers great flexibility to purchase products at any time of the day that suits their business hours. Additionally, you have the opportunity to create specific boundaries for some customers allowing a selected crowd to put in pre-orders on collections or products by doing pre-hand sales management in Traede.

A B2B webshop is a great way to show flexibility and respect for your customers’ work hours and you will save time on customer service as well.


Sales management: Easy, easier, invoicing

Traede provides a straightforward invoicing system that communicates directly with the B2B webshop so you never miss or misplace an order. So, when a customer order products in the B2B webshop an invoice will automatically be made and emailed to you – now that is easy!

Furthermore, retailers select their relevant currency that will automatically adjust to the invoices as well. In every currency, manufacturers have the opportunity to set the exchange rate in advance and choose which currencies should be available.

But it does not end here…. You can adjust, prepare or add discounts to any invoice, split orders into multiple invoices and keep track of payments.

The invoicing system in Traede is made to be as convenient as possible for both you and your customers to easen and optimize the sales process by a qualified CRM and sales management system.

blog4CRM: Create long lasting relationships

To create and maintain good customer relations you need a CRM system – or at least, this will make everything easier.

In Traede we have created a CRM system that will contain all your customer information such as contact details and transactions. This CRM information creates the opportunity to analyze customers’ buying habits, see which customers pay on time and who do not, who your best customers are and so on. The CRM system is a tool to target the right customers even better!

The CRM system will automatically be created when you grant customers the opportunity to purchase directly from the B2B webshop. In this process, a contact person is made containing all relevant contact and payment information – so you do not even have to worry about it! As a manufacturer, all you have to do is set credit boundaries, payment conditions and discounts customized to each company.
When a customer makes a purchase, the sales information will be saved and is always available in the company profile.

Knowing your customers better creates the opportunity to target them more effectively and thereby create the possibility for a long lasting relationship. So I strongly urge to do fulfilling CRM.

All in all…

…It is all about sale! This is why we have created tools such as Product Management, Sales Management, Inventory Management and CRM to hopefully help manage the overall business and make sales easier for you.

What are your thoughts, experience and suggestions on how to make B2B sales easier? Let us share this valuable information and help others!

Have a great day out there!

By Katrine Elbek, Customer Success Manager

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