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Whether you manage products by using Excel, post-its or expensive custom made IT-solutions it can be a difficult and time consuming task when you are taking care of the day to day business as well – especially if you have various and multiple products, collections, customers etc. In this blogpost I will present how Traede takes on the product management challenges.

By Katrine Elbek, Customer Success Manager

When managing a business it is crucial to know your sales and inventory to keep track of what is selling and what is not, inventory amount and value, the amount of loss you might have and so on. It can prove itself to be a difficult and challenging task to keep track of an entire business in an old-school manual fashion.

This is why we amongst other things have created an entire product management system built upon our own experience from the fashion industry and collected knowledge from the small and medium sized market. We have built Traede to be intuitive and easy to use because we know of the busy hours that companies and retailers hold.

Why online product management?

There is a few obvious reasons why it is a good idea to do product management online; you can connect directly with customers all hours of the day and never lose any sales and you will always know the exact inventory and sales numbers!

With Traede we have transformed product management into a concrete size with the following tools that should make it attractive to be online:

Create and import products easily

We have created a simple and intuitive way to provide an overview of all your products and different SKU’s by registering all relevant product details.

First you register different overall categories such as male, female, kids etc. to create separation between the products. Then you can create subcategories to each main category like dress, t-shirt, pants, jacket etc. At last you register specific product details like product name, number and the different prices.

This will all in all help to create an overview of inventory and make any specific product easy to find which will hopefully save you a lot of time!

If you already have a B2C webshop you can easily import all products from here to your Traede account and create fulfilling product management.

Same same – or different

When creating products you also have the possibility to create different variants and attributes which makes it possible for you to divide the products into different colours, sizes and material that match your product needs.

To be even more specific you can also create collections by naming a title fx SS15 or AW15 and determine visibility so certain customers that are allowed access to a collection before others. In this way you can upload an entire collection in advance before allowing visibility or sale to customers or allowing retailers to put in pre-orders based on different seasons.

When the products have been created with categories and subcategories, variants and collections every product detail is registered and you should have a complete product management system providing an overview of all products in your B2B webshop.

Show it and tell it

It is our opinion that visualization of products is very important and makes sales easier. This is why we have created the possibility to upload numerous pictures of every product, styles and variants in a easy ‘drag and drop’ manner. You choose a main picture for each product that will be shown in inventory lists and the webshop.

Alongside the visualization it is possible to add specific text about every product to tell the story behind it, materials, instruction manual etc. This will provide buyers with specific product information alongside the visualization.

Jointly, these functions should provide adequate product information for any buyer and in house product management for you.

So all in all…

We have tried to create a product management system that hopefully will help any company, agent or distributor to manage their brands and products in a better way by handling the product details more specifically, which in thee long run will help their business to grow.

This post is connected with two other posts ‘Traede on Inventory Management’ and ‘Traede on Sales & CRM’. When joint, these three subjects explains a great part of the holistic and streamlined business tool that Traede is.

Before I leave you to it let me ask a question: How do you juggle and manage all your products while keeping the business going?

Have a great day out there!

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