Presenting Traede Academy


As you can read in the blog post about the founders of Traede it all started just over one-and-a-half year ago. As the story of many startups go we were ready to launch our product “next monday” – for the past 6 months…

Now we have been going for a few months and sales are taken off. Our users are in the center of it all and we see them as business partners where they are responsible for creating sales while we are responsible for the sales engine and their success while using Traede. This is why we present Traede Academy.

Traede Academy is the center of our blog and where we seek to help you become better at subjects related to Traede such as B2B sales and communication alongside more business related issues. Also this is where we guide you to become a super user of Traede to help empower your daily usage and routines herein.

Every week we will introduce a new topic based on your wishes, news, experience or anything related to Traede to heighten your knowledge and insights on some of the amazing possibilities experts and companies provides us with today. So think of Traede Academy as your source to knowledge and learnings about B2B business.

Be successful

We wish to see you succeed by using Traede and Traede Academy is created to do exactly that. When ever you should have a topic or a question you wish us to elaborate on please let us know – there are probably more out there thinking the same!

Of course we can not guarantee success but we will do everything possible to help you get there.

In the following 3 post we will introduce specific features in Traede and close related subjects such as sales management & CRM, product management and inventory management to elaborate on why these subjects are so important to manage correctly today. Hopefully these posts will help you create focus in your business – otherwise I hope you simply enjoy the read.

All in all…

… we wish to help you become better at using Traede and to optimize your business by learning about all the amazing (and a bit overwhelming) possibilities the world provide us with today. Finally, Traede is officially here and we are ready to help you create success!

So, do you already have some related topics you would like us to elaborate on?

Have a great day out there!

By Katrine Elbek, Customer Success Manager

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